Mona Hatoum, Paravent, 2008 // Daybed, 2008

Mona Hatoum
Paravent, 2008
Black finis­hed steel, 211 x 302 x 5 cm
Sammlung Sander/The Sander Collection, Darmstadt

Mona Hatoum
Daybed, 2008
Black finis­hed steel, 31.5 x 219 x 98 cm
Courtesy of the artist

Both of the­se lar­ge-size objects belong to a group of work that is the artist’s work in pro­gress sin­ce the 1990’s. She draws on mun­da­ne objects, which are part of every hou­se­hold and of eit­her prac­tical or com­for­ta­ble use. A kit­chen gra­ter was the model for the objects Daybed and Paravent. Through their con­s­i­der­ab­ly enlar­ged size and their mate­ria­li­ty of steel, they not only loo­se their prac­tical value. The par­ti­al­ly sharp sur­faces and mas­si­ve size of the­se objects appe­ar as menacing and threa­ten­ing, which stands in con­trast to their tit­les. The dis­crepan­cy bet­ween the inten­ded pur­po­se of the hou­se­hold objects and the effects of the art­works protru­des even more clear­ly when com­pa­red to Hatoum’s wax paper frot­ta­ge works, which reveal the ori­gi­nal size of the kit­chen uten­sils.